Nathan Hahn




Maintenaid is a software program that will be designed for maintenance workers. It will help them to:

  • organize maintenance requests in a single database
  • eliminate the need for paper request forms
  • maintain organization of requests
  • increase efficiency of request completion
  • generate a useful record of completed requests

Contextual Interviews

For the contextual inquiries, we:
  • Performed visits to 3 different apartment complexes
  • Discussed/Observed the following items:

    • History of the Workers
    • Daily routine
    • Maintenance request process
  • Additionally, talked to the managers and other employees who work with maintenance requests
  • Asked for their perspective and what they would like to see out of such an application

We learned that:

  • There are a lot of duplicate requests
  • Workers often get sidetracked from their current task
  • Most complexes use paper forms and logs
  • Many stated they were “Too Old” to work with a Smartphone

Using the information from the contextual interview, we develop 3 main tasks that we would want worker to be able to perform with our application. There are:

  • Select a new task based on a couple of parameters
  • Record and submit data for a particular task
  • Find previous requests

We also defined 3 extra tasks we wanted the application to be able to do in the future:

  • Reassign tasks to other workers
  • Show nearby workers on map
  • Inventory Screen

Lo-Fi Prototype

  • mapscreen
  • pastRequest
  • refineScreen
  • reportScreen
  • requestApartments
  • startScreen
  • TaskInfo
  • taskList

Interview and Testing


Med-Fi Transition