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  • EcoTouch

    Background The Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association is constructing a new environmental center, which will integrate an array of sustainability features as part of its pursuit of LEED Platinum status, with net-zero energy consumption. For more…

  • Grip it Good Part 2

    Background From the fall semester, in summary, we learned that: Grip force measurements from current devices, such as hand-held dynamometers, are poorly correlated with patients’ gripping performance during functional tasks, e.g. grabbing a can of…

  • Six Degrees of Francis Bacon - Clustering

    Introduction Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”, published in 1848, is often cited as one of the most influential pieces of political literature to be written in the past couple of centuries. An analytical commentary on the problems inherent in…

  • Greenlight - Mobile

    Overview Greenlight is a daylight harvesting system my Information Systems team created (you can read more about it by following the link). The Android application I created is an extension of this — it allows you to view any information you…

  • Greenlight

    The use of natural light in commercial settings is undervalued. Most large industrial parks and university campuses rely solely on artificial sources to provide light for their rooms. Artificial light at these locations is often emitted in excess of…

  • A&M Creamery

  • Maintenaid

    Introduction Maintenaid is a software program that will be designed for maintenance workers. It will help them to: organize maintenance requests in a single database eliminate the need for paper request forms maintain organization of requests…

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