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  • Distil

    Abstract Online information is the modern tool of choice for individuals trying to learn and make decisions around complex subjects, but it is becoming increasingly challenging for them to make sense of it. The complex and messy process of…

  • SearchLens

    Abstract Whether figuring out where to eat in an unfamiliar city or deciding which college to attend, large collections of consumer generated data (i.e. reviews and forum posts) are an important influence in online decision making. To make sense of…

  • SearchScape

    Abstract Whether planning a trip or researching medical symptoms, many complex and exploratory search tasks involve intense cross referencing of multiple sources. One has to determine the popularity and trustworthiness of competing options and avoid…

  • TabHoarders

    Abstract Tabs have become integral to browsing the web yet have changed little since their introduction nearly 20 years ago. In contrast, the internet has gone through dramatic changes, with tasks increasingly moving from the desktop to the cloud…

  • Bento Browser

    Abstract People engaged in complex searches such as planning a vacation or understanding their medical symptoms are often overwhelmed by opening and managing many tabs. These challenges are exacerbated as search moves to smartphones and mobile…

  • Knowledge Accelerator (KA)

    Abstract Crowdsourcing offers a powerful new paradigm for online work. However, real world tasks are often interdependent, requiring a big picture view of the difference pieces involved. Existing crowdsourcing approaches that support such tasks…

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