This was an application created for maintenance workers for my Designing Human Centered Software class. We saw that most maintenance workers utilize paper systems to manage and organize work requests. To help improve workers' ability to coordinate and log requests, we performed a contextual inquiry to gather what features workers would want in a system. After gathering the requirements, we went through 3 prototyping stages, finally producing an Android app.


Maintenaid is a software program that will be designed for maintenance workers. It will help them to:

  • organize maintenance requests in a single database
  • eliminate the need for paper request forms
  • maintain organization of requests
  • increase efficiency of request completion
  • generate a useful record of completed requests

Contextual Interviews

For the contextual inquiries, we:

  • Performed visits to 3 different apartment complexes
  • Discussed/Observed the following items:
    • History of the Workers
    • Daily routine
    • Maintenance request process
  • Additionally, talked to the managers and other employees who work with maintenance requests
  • Asked for their perspective and what they would like to see out of such an application

We learned that:

  • There are a lot of duplicate requests
  • Workers often get sidetracked from their current task
  • Most complexes use paper forms and logs
  • Many stated they were “Too Old” to work with a Smartphone

Using the information from the contextual interview, we develop 3 main tasks that we would want worker to be able to perform with our application. There are:

  • Select a new task based on a couple of parameters
  • Record and submit data for a particular task
  • Find previous requests

We also defined 3 extra tasks we wanted the application to be able to do in the future:

  • Reassign tasks to other workers
  • Show nearby workers on map
  • Inventory Screen

Lo-Fi Prototype

Interview and Testing


Med-Fi Transition